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Ginger, marinated.

Ginger marinated ( pink ) " RISMA "

5.00₼ / 1 kg

Pink pickled Ginger Risma is a thinly sliced young ginger that has been marinated with vinegar and sugar. It has a sharp and peculiar taste.Pickled ginger is usually served with sushi along with wasabi and soy sauce, and is sometimes called sushi ginger.

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Greenshell Mussels Midia yaşıl qapaq

Greenshell Mussels " SANFORD "

34.00₼ / 1 kg

Greenshell Mussels are New Zealand’s most iconic seafood.These delicacies are a great source of iron, protein and omega-3, and the meat is plump and sweet. A very versatile shellfish that can be baked, barbequed, fried, steamed or smoked.

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Shinaki 25 kg

Rice for sushi SHİNAKİ " RES FOOD "

58.00₼ / 25 kg

Rice is the basis of Japanese cuisine.A large number of national dishes are prepared with it. And sushi and rolls are especially popular. It is for them that a special kind of rice is used - a round shape with a high gluten content, which can absorb water well and become moist.

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Rice stick 400g

Rice Stick " AROY - D "

7.00₼ / 400 g

Ricestick noodle made from rice flour and water, which is available in various widths. Rice stick noodles are used for spring rolls, soups and salads. The medium noodle is the most popular and is used for stir-fries, soups, salads and as a bed for fish or meat to be served on.

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Canned tuna

Light Meat Tuna in brine

25.00₼ / 1850 g

Light Meat Canned Tuna in brine is one our main products that we ship to our clients . Canned Tuna is a prominent component in many diet, as it is very high in protein and easily prepared. Canned Tuna can also be a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids.

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The most popular sauce in Thailand

Sweet Chili " Thai Prestige "

6.00₼ / 810 g

Sweet chili Thai PrestigeThe perfect condiment for dipping any kind of spring rolls, and/or Thai fish cakes. Also a great dipping sauce for barbeque chicken.

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Egg Noodles Fine 400gm


4.00₼ / 400 g

Need a fine and fancy noodle for your soups? Try our old fashioned noodles made with whole eggs and durum flour.Egg noodles Fine packs a big and hearty taste into each itty bitty noodle so your chicken and vegetable soups will keep you full and happy.

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Hot Sauce Lousiana Styal

Hot Sauce " American Garden "

3.00₼ / 88 ml

Hot sauce, also known as chili sauce or pepper sauce, is any seasoning, seasoning or salsa made from chili and other ingredients. A very popular addition to various types of food, hot sauce allows people to improve the taste of their dishes.

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